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» Item ID: 21650178 » UPC: 3461385305

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» Cartegory: Knives & swords » Type: Knives » Brand: RED WARRIOR » Model: BATTLE BOX » Caliber: Knife

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» Capacity: 9 W » Weight: » Material: STAINLESS STEEL BLADES » Sight: » Purpose: Combat

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Our Red Warrior Collector Set is a choice selection of crimson-colored weapons representing different styles of fighting. Inspired by a popular tactical video game, the Red Fury Triple Set includes a dynamic threesome of knives including a karambit, a military fixed blade and a huntsman fixed blade. Each of the knives has a metallic red, stainless steel blade and a TPU secure-grip handle. They all come with a tough, nylon belt sheath. Giving you a set of Ninja weapons, the Red Guardian Sword and Kunai Set is visually striking. The black, stainless steel sword is accented with metallic red along the spine and edge, which has partial serrations and is razor-sharp. The 27” overall sword has a black katana-style cord-wrapped handle. The 3 5/8” stainless steel, spear-pointed throwing knives also have the same metallic red edges and cord-wrapped handles. All three of the throwing knives and the Ninja sword fit securely in a heavy-duty, nylon belt sheath, which also has a shoulder strap. A completely different style of thrower, the Black Ronin Red Gothic Throwing Axe definitely has its place in this collection. Its unique shape is aggressive with its razor-sharp, penetrating points from head to handle. The throwing axe is one, solid piece of red stainless steel with a satin finish and it features weight-reducing thru-holes. It also comes with its own nylon belt sheath for storage and carry. The last weapon that we’ve included is the 15” overall, M48 Red Tactical Tomahawk Axe, the ultimate tactical tool. If offers a wide, upswept axe blade and a piercing spike on the back end. The metallic red, 8” head is supported by a nylon, reinforced fiberglass handle with deep grooves for a secure grip. The precision-cast stainless steel head also has weight-reducing thru-holes and can be protected in its nylon sheath. You won’t find a collection of eye-catching red weapons of this quality and capability anywhere but here with our Red Warrior Collector Set. Get your hands on it today!

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